In 1992, with the purchase of the “Double you-Who’s fooling who” vinyl, when I was just 16, I
started my career as a DJ.
1995 1996 1997 three competitions in top 3 positions.
1998 Sound engineer on radio “Antenna Capri”.
1999 DJ at the Acquarius disco club and sound engineer, at the Knossor Royal Village, Hersonissos
2000-2005 Sound engineer and DJ.
May 2019 After years of break, DJ TOTY GEE is back.
My genre: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Dance (commercial), Progressive, Vocal Trance, clubhouse.
Since August 2019 I have insisted on collaborating with the master musician Andrea Michele
Vincenti by creating 3 remixes of his songs. In the notes of his compositions, everyone can
recognize essences and fragrances by Vangelis, Era, Enya and many others of lounge music and
relaxing music. The collaboration has given birth to a “new” type of progressive trance music that
combines trance music with lounge music. All this in the collection: “MMXX THE
The experiment of this new kind of alternative trance, pushed me to create songs completely by
myself like: “Me 3d D D D“, “Cinderella Before Midnight” and the full album “MMXX THE
“MMXX THE COLLABORATIVE ART” had the collaboration of Anna Liuzzi for the cover of
the song “Gemini Microwave“
“Cinderella Before Midnight” had collaborations of Kyo Art Creations for the cover

DJ TOTY GEE tune in and follow below

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