Deep chill Olskxx

Smash Damage Radio are proud to feature a “Deep Chills” hour from ØLSKXX Mixed in Helsinki, fresh pressed every week.
When you ask? 8-9pm every Sunday.

Deep Chills #04   Track list
ñu:null – nocturn, Gilbeaux – disorder, Anatolian Lover – ma blues , Eric Lau – Favourite Truth, Inf x Captian Waves – The Void, Difracto, – Wood Letters From Mouse – Every Minute Again, Kimyan Law – Kaleido, Rusez1 – Stumble, Tell – I Remember, Triad – Reshaped, Ciel – The Twirler, Metamatics – Haethear, Norken & Nyquist – Imago OMMA – Sol Pleureur, Dopeman – It’s Late, John Nap – rcdTake1           

ØLSKXX is an artist and producer based in Finland. His sound is a unique blend, extremely diverse and one-of-a-kind, often bridging the gaps between a wide range of genres. From dark downtempo chill hop beats to atmospheric experimental electronica, and hip hop instrumentals, anything goes. 

ØLSKXX’s music is inspired by the world around the artist. Its melodies and textural layers channel the mysterious, enigmatic vibes of unexplored lands, as well as the beautiful Northern part of the world, which is depicted as an ideal of solace and beauty, rather than a specific geographical location.

Ultimately, this is music that reaches deep within the listeners’ mind and soul, making for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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