Sponsor a show

In the 21st Century, the potential for advertising one’s business is vast. From old-fashioned print to social media marketing the options are seemingly limitless and with the advent of potentially free online, such as Twitter and Facebook. Value for money is important. Select your investments with confidence.

In the UK, we listen to a lot of radio, even though we may not realise it. We wake up to it, drive to it, work to it, play to it and even go to sleep to it.

Radio is an increasingly powerful marketing medium. Radio advertising influences us all whether we realise it or not. We have all bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously as a result of hearing an advertisement on the radio. Radio advertising can be produced to fit any company’s marketing budget or reach a niche audience you choose. More and more stations are targeting their broadcasting to highly niche audiences, be it young, old, male or female Radio can be used to reach any possible demographic audience.

Sponsorship v Advertising

Without revenue coming from advertising/sponsorship almost all Internet radio would not exist. Splash Damage Radio do not run ads throughout our shows but with sponsors messages placed every 30 minutes through a 1 hour slot. So only one sponsor per show and your message will be heard throughout the sponsored show.

For example:

  • At the top of the hour (intro as show sponsors)
  • Music
  • At 30 minutes Sponsors message of your choice
  • Music
  • End of show (outro Sponsors message)

Why should I Sponsor a show on Splash Damage radio?

Used appropriately, radio advertising/sponsorship is an effective method of reaching a niche audience.

Radio advertising/sponsorship doesn’t require the persons full attention in the same way that television does. Radio advertising/sponsorship can be in many ways almost subliminal and this is one of the major advantages of the medium.

It is true that radio advertising/sponsorship doesn’t have the same brand building power as television but used in conjunction with your marketing campaign, it can prove extremely profitable.

Splash Damage Radio has a reach currently to over 15,000 listeners (and climbing month by month) and as the station is online potentially many more. Lets introduce your brand and any special offers to our listeners.

Sponsor Your Business on Splash Damage Radio.

For more information on sponsoring a show on Splash Damage Radio please contact us


Sponsorship packages
Startup PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise Plan
Audio only pre-recorded ads.

Startup Plan features,
plus presenter mention live on-air, banner ads

Business Plan features,
plus email ads, sponsored giveaways, specific shows with “brought to you by” ads,  website link to latest offers.

Ø  Advertising Benefits: To promote your brand and connect with potential customers.
Ø  Deliverables:
Individual show sponsorship. 
Choose the show you want to sponsor. 
Ø 1 hour show. Show will open and close  with your sponsors message.
Ø 2 hour show  open and close plus midway message of your choice.

Ø Sponsorship logo and sponsor message will be on show page/presenters page
Ø  As a sponsor your commercials will run during Selected shows
  You will receive 2 (:30 second) spots in each weekly show.
Ø  You will also be mentioned in live & pre-recorded weekly promos.
Ø Example: Tune in the weekend to hear show name  “with the help from our friends at “client name here”
Ø  Live sponsor plugs during the show
Ø  Social media mentions throughout the week leading
up to show
Ø  Podcasts replay mentions 
Ø  Live nationwide streaming available on the Zenoradio app. 
Ø  Title Sponsor: Show name 
Ø  Presented by: CLIENT’S NAME

Ø  Campaign Investment individual shows sponsor: 
Ø  Your business will be mentioned in the show opening and closing as the premiere sponsor. You will also receive:
Ø  2 live or recorded (:30) spots per show
Ø  weekly promos (live & pre-recorded) Example: Tune in this
weekend to hear “Sponsored show name ” with the help from
our friends at “your business name here”
Ø  Other events/promotion plugs during the show
Ø  Podcast replays  & logo banner featured on the partners page on Webpage direct link to your website.
Ø  Social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter)
Ø  Blog post ads.