Splash Damage Radio are privileged to have been able to catch up with the multi talented Tobisonics who is not, just a self described Electronic Pop Noise Maker, but he is also a passionate Producer and Mastering Engineer who spends much of his free time supporting the independent music scene and artists in various ways.

We are proud to present to our listeners an overview of Tobisonics projects and his music releases, which includes his debut track and to date his latest song collaboration with Wee Scots Poet, which was released 7th May 2021.

Based in Luxembourg, Tobi released his solo debut track in March 2020 and since then has been lifting people’s spirits after the stress, the worry, the fear and pain of 2020. This has seen him collaborating with artists and has earned him a reputation for an uncompromising standard of production, which he is sharing with us!

To find out more about Tobisonics and to purchase his music please visit:

https://www.cegrecords.com/chris-ingram – aka Wee Scots Poet
https://soundcloud.com/costithe – Costi

Beyond Retro
Student Beans (UK)