Riddick :: Mid-Day Merps Friday 11am till 1pm

Riddick’s mid week merps, had now moved to Fridays to become the Mid Day Merps. Its the show that will not be silenced! Live every Friday 11am- 1pm GMT  Playing all the classics you forgot about. Chances are things will devolve into madness. Make sure you tune in to enjoy the unstoppable Merps. Requests are always open but if I dont have the track then it ait getting played goet it? got it? good. Merp out! 

After every show on Friday I’ll be heading over to https://www.twitch.tv/riddicksergal where we will be relaxing and chilling out after the Crazy radio show to listen to some chilled Lo-fi hip hop and edit my friends podcast called “So, Hear me out” feel free to come and relax with me! 

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