Splash Damage Radio extend a warm welcome to Matt Leuw who is the driving force behind Mild Horses. The main thing Matt wanted to achieve sonically through this record was to take all the various different projects he’d worked on previously and grab a little bit of the best bits of all of them to make it a sort of “greatest hits”.

There are most certainly some interesting title names and songs for this album which you’ll get to hear. Matt was previously involved with Norwich noise-poppers Crest, skronky Brighton art-punks Coin-op and was the guitar playing half of the lo-fi electro pop group 2 Hot 2 Sweat.

If you would like to learn more about Mild Horses or to purchase Matt’s music please visit:
https://mildhorses.bandcamp.com/ for the music
https://twitter.com/Mild_Horses for the news

Beyond Retro
Student Beans (UK)