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Auto DJ takes care of our schedule when presenters are not available. Add songs to the auto DJs record box by submitting via our request page.

Resident DJs

Mr Smith 1 hours mixes in rotation.

We now have the Smiths sessions radio show in our rotation, in our daily playlist. 60 mins of pure mixing.

Alexander (Mr. Smith) Schmidt, a German music lover & DJ, born in Stuttgart, Germany the 08th of April 1984, started mixing at the beginning of march 2016, inspired by many great trance dj’s around the world,


Djstevy6 9-11pm Sunday “Lock N Load”

Djstevy6, been online for over 15 years playing to the audience with energy, fun and interactivity. Wants to play what you listen to but does have his list of staple favourites. Tune in and expect some cheeky bangers from old Skool to today’s floorfillers.

ØLSKXX 8-9 pm Sunday Deep Chills

ØLSKXX is an artist and producer based in Finland. His sound is a unique blend, extremely diverse and one-of-a-kind, often bridging the gaps between a wide range of genres. From dark downtempo chill hop beats to atmospheric experimental electronica, and hip hop instrumentals, anything goes. 

Marvin Reyes 11-midnight Sunday Absolute Trance

Marvin Reyes lives in California, USA, What a way to get to finish the weekend.
While his core genre is Trance (including Orchestral trance, Uplifting and Progressive trance), his deep understanding of deep house, nu-disco and house, as well as his impeccable presentation and attention to detail makes him the ideal choice to bring your weekend to a close.

Uzi Kidding 8-10 Pm Saturday

It’s not about me and what I like, music is our connection, it’s what you want to listen too. Bringing variety from the 50’s to present day, rock, progressive, pop, punk, hardcore, jazz, blues and various other genres. You hum it I’ll play it!
Join me on Saturday evenings @ 8pm and head on over to our discord and request your favourite tunes.
Go on you know you want to!
Also any indie artists that would like to hear their music on our station please get in touch with us at Splash Damage Radio, feature shows available and concept albums very much welcome. Share your sound!

DJ Miles Saturday 2-4pm UK time Living Room Rythms

Coming out of Washington, Miles is a selector, discovering and curating different genres of music from across the globe, including Afro-house, Palm Wine music, Juju music, High life music, Techno, Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban Jazz. He feels music is a universal language and wants to share the feeling he gets from music with everyone. Tune in to Living Room Rhythms to discover music together`

DJ Atee on air alternative Fridays 7-9pm

South London/ Brighton based DJ specialising in Funky House, Garage and Afrobeats

Instagram: @dj.atee 

Soundcloud: DJ A-Tee

Heights of Groove with the Underground Groove Show Alternate Fridays 8-10pm

Born in Norwich in 1995, and now hailing from South West London, Jacob has been mixing since 2018 with a love for all things house. Taking inspiration from the GarageHouse movement, Jacob is bringing through a mixture of groovy house/garage and tech house vibes. Kickstart your weekend and tune in as as Jacob brings you the underground house vibes on a Friday Night.