DeLaurentis first aired on Splash Damage Radio on 19th June 2021 where we got to listen to three songs from her upcoming concept, debut album ‘UNICA’ which she is proud to announce is to be released on 3rd September 2021. We are extremely privileged to gain access to her unique creation as she presents to the world her digital sister ‘UNICA’ an enchanting mix of reality and imagination between the human and digital worlds, which has seen her explore the avenues of artificial intelligence which she brings to her music.

Based in Paris, France, DeLaurentis is not just a singer, she is also a passionate composer, producer and song writer and has created her debut, concept album which she alludes to as being her digital sister. It’s a strong and sensitive story about the fusion of two contemporary beings and is a digital-tale that brings forth the emotions between a human artist and her machine.

DeLaurentis collaborated with Dan Black, Yaron Herman, Daymark and Fabien Waltmann to produce this album. The song “Somewhere In Between” was recorded in collaboration with the artificial intelligence developed by the Spotify CTRL research lab, supervised by SKYGGE, a true pioneer in the AI world.

Tune in this Saturday evening to hear more about the story behind the concept and how DeLaurentis and Unica forged their inspirational relationship together and become a reality. Since broadcasting her songs, Life, Be A Woman and Pegasus she certainly left me intrigued with her beautiful musical compositions and it is a pleasure to be able to share this with you, our listeners.

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