It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Huxley Would Approve with their mesmerising concept album Grave New World with a special airing as it was released in two parts. Splash Damage Radio have been given permission to bring to light the whole experience just for your listening pleasure. So we shall be broadcasting back to back Part 1 (released 1st March 2016) and Part 2 (released 4th April 2021). I’m sure Aldous would have been proud had he been alive to listen to this performance by our special guests.

Band members:
Joe Bolieiro – lyricist, concept ideas and development, 3d modeling, images, sequences
Rainer Schneider – music composer, sound engineer and producer, all instruments and vocals
Judith Mattes-Schneider – lead and background vocals

The Concept:

For the protagonist the dark place he is in at the start of the story is exacerbated by his belief of an indifferent, uncaring world. A world resembling Huxley’s dystopia “Brave New World” where to be human is considered to be “savage”. As he discovers the need for balance, we see him endure a metamorphosis and in the process he begins to understand who he is. In accepting his dark side our protagonist starts to accept others and is capable of love!

If you would like to learn more about Huxley Would Approve or to purchase their music please visit:

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