Presenter positions available,

Presenter : We are looking for dance, house, garage, trance, dub step, drum and bass etc and all flavours of dance music. Also indie type music and unsigned band showcase style programs would be of interest.
Currently prime slots on Monday an Wednesday night.

No pre-recorded or syndicated shows. If you broadcast on other stations it must be on a different day, and a different show.

Presenter must be live and have decent Mic! Must be able to connect to either icecast 2 or shoutcast 2 and be ok with speaking to listeners and interaction. Not just mixing away to themself for a 2 hour show
The show is your show, no restrictions*
(*no current chart show,country or rock n roll “ already thousands of stations doing that)

Come visit us for a slot.

Splash Damage Radio

Where you FEEL the

Presenters .. We do promise to publicise your show, we have discord, Facebook and Twitter.

Come join us and share your love of music, help us grow.

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