DJ Mason our South African DJ that started DJing Hard House early 2000.

His love for music has seen him dabble with all Genres. His journey has taken him to the Moon & Back. He enjoys taking listeners on a Deep & Vibey Journey which is not pre planned but instead on how he feels in the moment. Instead of sticking to one genre he now plays across a few which makes dj Masons sets unique and set him apart.

Tune in on Fridays 6pm to 8pm for a Progressive Journey through Sound.

Beyond Retro
Student Beans (UK)

One Reply to “Lucid dreams with DJ Mason a progressive journey through sound.”

  1. @DJ Mason, such a pity I didn’t know u were online tonight, would definitely have logged in to hear ur epic mixes which I’ve personally experienced regularly.. This DJ got me into the love for Psychedelic Trance music just by listening to him playing the most amazing sets right in the comfort of his DJing room at home which was indeed set up awesomely. The louder the better. 👌✨

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